02 November 2005

Nina's "Boyfriend"

I've decided I need a name for Nina's boyfriend. He's working more centrally into the storyline as part of the shipping and steel industry's subterfuge. He's a lobbyist for the Steel Industry in Washington DC, but he's also from Indiana and went to school with Nina at an Ivy League school (TBD). So, I need a hoosier name. I believe that this guy was a handsome basketball player, both in highschool and college. That means he needed to go to a pretty big high school with a good academic reputation as well as a hot basketball team. I'm thinking Indianapolis Arlington: small school academies, competitive basketball team every year, and good reputation as a school.

The boyfriend's name is Marvin Jackson. He is a bit of a bad boy, moving into politics when his knee prevented him from making the pros. He's lived all his life having to play all sides of the game and you never quite know who he is ultimately going to support and who he's going to stab. If he has any regrets with his current situation (highly paid, prestigious, plentiful women) it is that he never really made use of his journalism degree. He has his weaknesses, but he's careful not to show them.