12 June 2006

Naming Dag's Secretary

I need a name
Okay friends. I'm soliciting a name for Dag's secretary. She is a twenty-something wanna be detective who is hooked on old movies. She's likely to get called "Sweetcheeks" by Dag--and like it. But this gal is also the kind of brainy, almost geek sidekick that perfectly complements Dag's Crusty-outside-marshmallowy-inside character. She teases Dag a lot, knowing that if she were writing the story she'd be the Sam Spade's sexy secretary, or Mike Hammer's who can quickly go under cover as a nightclub singer if she needs to.

I'm not above using the name of one of my friends if you fancy yourself in the role, but I've been tossing around these: Linda, Dolores, Kate, Donna, and Rachel. Then, of course, there is CiNdY. None seem to quite make it. So, what do you think? (BTW the story, for all its period overtones is contemporary.)

In return for your help here are a few more Daggisms:

I picked up a tail in the third aisle and she was sticking to me like cat hair on a blue suit.

I wasn't complaining. I hadn't seen anything in a skirt in three days.

Dag walks into office and sees secretary in sweater, miniskirt and ratty tennis shoes. "New shoes?" I asked. "Oh, Dag, you noticed!" she purred. "They were only eighty bucks on sale. Don't you think they make my legs look sexy?" "Yeah, by comparison," I growled. Of course, by comparison Maizie looked sexy.

Well, do tell. Who is she?

Marilyn! (I think that's the name of the secretary for Picard's holodeck detective character on ST:TNG. Sorry for the geek reference.)

There's always Lana, too.

I like Lana. When you responded, I suddenly thought "Riley!" What if she just goes by her last name?

Ooh! That could be cute! (And Riley is such a great name!)

I like Kate but I think it's a bit much. I keep coming back to the name Lonnie (Or however you would want to spell it), I'm not sure why but it just rings with me.

Good luck!

Lonnie is good. It's like Lana but a little more androgynous. Fits in with the kind of tough character that she sees herself as. BTW, she is in college studying computer science and criminal justice. She is a major geek.

How about Deborah, but she goes by Deb?

Let us know if you've decided on anything! Hehe.

Deborah and Deb I like, but she could never be Debbie. Of course, that could be a signal for her to claw someone's eyes out. "Don't call me Debbie!"

exactly!!! and she wears candy apple red pumps to work

Sitting here in the ice rink, my friend Kate suggested Kaitlyn or Noreen. I like Noreen. It has some possibilities.

Kate: good! I was going to vote for that one of your original suggestions

Kaitlyn: Ahh! No, no, please, no!

Deb but never Debbie: Good! The nickname thing is nice. "Deb" has a very comfortable feel to it, in that if he's calling her that they must have a good relationship. The never Debbie thing establishes right away that she's not to be considered purely as a sex object (in the Debbie from Debbie-does-Dallas way).

Noreen: my first dance teacher was named Noreen. A fine, fine, terribly proportionate woman she was... That works for me.

I like your point about "Deb." It would say a lot about their relationship, and if she counters Dag as well as she's planned to, then it really would fit well!

So far, I like Deb(orah), Noreen (like the woman in the Weatherman), and Delores (as in Claiborne) a lot.