21 October 2006

Outline: Part IV

  1. Wednesday, November 15: Sleeping with the enemy
    1. Waking to a dream
      Dag wakes up Wednesday morning consciously feeling a warm body pressed against his in the bed. He takes inventory of his surroundings and discovers that Margaret is pressed up against him. He is in her apartment.

    2. Getting the story
      Dag discovers that he has been in her bed basically since the dowsing in the river on Monday. He tries to get going, but she convinces him to stay. She confesses her part in the scheme to get his computer, but that the thugs who rule the waterfront promised her he wouldn’t be hurt. He finds out she pulled him out of the river and got him to her apartment and has nursed him through the fever of the past day.

    3. Getting the girl
      Dag asks if they had done anything, alluding to sex, and she tells him that he’s been in no condition for that, but that she hasn’t given up hope. He tells her that she doesn’t owe him for betraying him to the thugs, and she’s repaid her treachery by nursing him back to health. She tells him that she doesn’t pay debts with sex, but that she does know when a treasure drops in her lap, so to speak. They take all day making love and Dag falls asleep in her arms.

  2. Thursday, November 16: Snowjob
    1. Alone again
      Dag awakes this time to find that he is alone. His clothes have been laundered and there is a note from Margaret. She tells him that the door will lock automatically when he leaves and says simply, Thank you.

    2. Catching up with reality
      Realizing that he has gone three days without communication, Dag heads for a cellular store and immediately calls Riley. She is beside herself and tells him to call Silas immediately. Dag finds out that she sent Silas after him when his GPS went in the river. She is furious that Dag hasn’t called. He explains and asks her to get him a ticket home.

    3. In the airport
      Dag picks up a new computer and GPS transmitter on his way to the airport and catches the flight to Seattle with a connection in Minneapolis. When he is waiting for his connection he sees Angel get off a plane and head for the train. He follows her to the Mall of America and watches her shop all afternoon.

    4. Catching up to Simon
      Dag follow Angel to the charter terminal and there encounters Simon. Simon says he knew Dag would find him, but Dag is finding it harder and harder to concentrate. He realizes he is falling and asks Simon for help.

  3. Friday, November 17: Charter
    1. In-flight movies
      Dag is aware that they have become airborne and wonders where they are en-route to. Eventually Angel comes to tell him that they’ve been re-routed and will land in Atlanta instead of Jamaica. She has booked rooms for them at a hotel and as soon as the weather breaks they’ll continue the trip. She says that Simon (flying the plane) has told her that he has depended on Dag finding him since he started this adventure.

    2. The philanthropist thief
      At the hotel, Simon tells Dag all about his crimes (embezzling funds from the partnership with Bradley) but that it was after he discovered that Bradley was using the operation to launder money from drug deals with Smiesen. So, finally Simon had skimmed off an entire month’s profits from the drug dealer and fled and was determined to give it all to charity and to go to a remote location to live the rest of his life with Angel. Dag asks why he didn’t go to authorities and Simon says that it would be tantamount to a jail sentence for him since he wasn’t innocent of all financial mis-handling. Then he wants to know if Dag has his computer.

    3. Collaboration proposition
      Simon proposes that Dag help him give away the funds (all except a small amount for him to live on) and disappear. Dag agrees to give Simon a decision the next day. He talks about where he would give money away if it were his and what he would do with it.

  4. Saturday, November 17: To Die or Not to Die
    1. Not in a hotel room
      Dag wakes up in pain so intense he can’t call for help. He swears he will not die in a hotel room in Atlanta. He talks about it not being clean and how bad it would be for business for the hotel.

  5. Sunday, November 19: I made my first mortgage payment when I was 26, and my last one two months later
    1. The child bride
      Dag tells the story of how he married Brenda and then she ran off with his best friend Simon. We discover the long history between them of wanting to change the world. They had even talked about stealing drug money to do good. Dag knows and understands that he is going to join Simon’s scheme.