03 July 2007

Pains of the journey

Steps to the Dragon: 134,537/865,463. Today: 9,365. Average: 7,914.

Steven must deal with the pain of walking. Even though he is in good shape and walks a lot, at the end of the first day the reality of the journey must set in. Blisters on his feet. How does he care for them so that they don't become a bloody crippling mass? Sore muscles. Sore legs, sore back. What stretches does he do? Does he soak in the river? Hunger. What is his day's rations? How much water does he need to drink?

I've decided he will have a gow and a knife as weaponry. He can make arrows, so his ammunition is replenishable. It is lightweight, so he can carry it. It can be strung with gut. He needs a knife for basic functioning.

The "road" out of town is really nothing more than pasture trails up to the herds and over to the river. He is pretty much left to follow the river as closely as he can on what amounts to a game trail. He doesn't really encounter a propper road until he has crossed the river at Rannihaha's farm.

The teacher: I think the teacher is kind of the mad scientist of the village. Steven is probably left in his/her care because everyone else has real work to do. The teacher is a person rich in lore and long on theory. Very inventive. She is the one who comes up with the idea of walking music and invents the instrument. He is also the provider of herb and animal lore. The more I think about it, the more I think the teacher might be the grandparents, both of whom are a bit crazy, but love Steven and try to prepare him for success as well as they can. They may be the only ones in the village who were actually alive when the missionary came through and actually remember what he said. Or maybe it was even before their time. Perhaps they have traveled up or down the river and are the ones equipped to give him the known geography.

The dragon's lair may be said to be in a volcano that can be seen from the village that occasionally breathes fire.