14 January 2008

The next big project

Well, Steven George has been written and I have been working on doing a nicely produced print version as a thank you to those dozen or so people who were instrumental to me in getting it done. I'm thinking of how to revise and pitch it, or possibly publish it in a download friendly version on-line. I'll figure this out eventually.

But now I am in the process of scoping out my next novel, and I am very excited. Tentatively titled "Gutenberg's Other Book" it has the kind of exciting discovery elements of "The Davinci Code" or "National Treasure," set in the unlikely space of the printing industry and specifically antiquarian books. This is a space I know intimately. I have taught print history and typography. I have published journals and corporate materials. I was one of the first adopters of Desktop Publishing technology and taught the whole electronic technology and color production route for major corporations across the country. I've filed half a dozen patents (which are slowly issuing) over the past ten years for computer typography and layout technologies. Now I'm going to set a novel in that milieu. I think this will be fun.

I'll have bits and pieces of material posted here over the next few months, though I expect that in November I will not blog this novel. It will be much longer, for one thing (estimating 110,000 words) and I have high hopes of putting this in the hands of a publisher for real. Nonetheless, I will solicit your input as I go, and interested reviewers will be placed on a list for special peaks inside. LMK.