24 February 2008

New discoveries for GoB

Well, as I was gardening this morning (a rare task to find me engaged in) I thought of a couple more clues as to what has to happen in Gutenberg's Other Book. MC Geoff Hart has always been told his father was killed in a printing accident. But Geoff's grandfather, Francis Allen Hart, tells Geoff it was no accident. While pressuring Francis to tell them where the secret of Gutenberg's alchemy is hidden, they killed Geoff's father. Francis became a recluse thereafter and didn't tell anyone about it. Geoff doesn't meet him until he is in college.

It turns out that it is Geoff's stepfather that encourages Geoff to meet with the old man. Roy Kennedy (the stepfather) believes the old man will tell Geoff the secret and Roy (who is an Aldine) will be able to convince Geoff to tell him.