21 May 2008

Writers, writers everywhere

I'm sitting here looking at the upcoming season of writers conferences and thinking. I've also joined Twitter (wayzgoose) and Facebook (Nathan Everett) and I've been shopping for friends. (Also joined MySpace, but haven't done any of that yet.)

So, what I realize is that writers want to talk to other writers. We want someone who understands. Someone should feel the pain. And, of course, we have a fount of wisdom and advice to share with others who are about to make the same mistake we are have.

But I don't see a lot of writers talking to readers.

In fact, among many, I see a bit of a disdain toward people who only read books and don't write them themselves. If they really understood literature, surely they would write it. We relish being the misunderstood artist. How can we be sufficiently depressed to keep slashing at ourselves with a ballpoint pen if there is no one to misunderstand us.

If I were creating a new community (which I am), I would want to bring writers face-to-face (or comment to comment) with the people who want to read great books. If I were a reader (which I am), I would want to tell the writer--before the book is published--that the book needs more scenery, character, plot, or porn--whatever. And if I were a writer (which I am), I would want someone other than my family and friends who have a vested interest in my success to read my work and tell me that it really is as great as my family and friends have told me and that they can't wait to buy it.

And if I could put the two together (which I will), I would depend on the readers to tell me which books I should publish and which I should avoid at all costs. I think I would trust those readers more than any agent or editor trying to guess what the market will buy.

So, my partners and I have created Long Tale Press, a place where readers and writers can come together, and where we will take the advice of the readers as to whether the book should be published. If you are a reader (or a writer), visit us. Soft launch is coming in July with the grand opening in November. Sign up now.