15 February 2011

Steven George & The Dragon

We can finally announce the date! March 25th will see the publication of the young adult fantasy novel Steven George & The Dragon. The presale site is now open at http://stngeorge.com. Half of gross profits from presales will be donated to Room to Read for the building of libraries in developing countries. Before you buy, you can read the first chapter online.

The book will be available in both a print edition and on a CD-ROM eBook that includes both the deluxe color PDF and a non-copy-protected ePUB that will play on most eReaders and computer eBook readers. The reserved copies will all be signed by the author and the order form includes a space for your instructions on how to personalize your copy.

Stn George was originally blogged during NaNoWriMo 2007 when it was enthusiastically received. Comments from readers were influential in determining the final version of the story as it now appears.

Raised from birth as a dragonslayer, Steven discovers that he is poorly equipped to deal with the overwhelming world outside his small remote village. That might be because none of the village elders actually knew what a dragon looked like, exactly where it would be found, or how to kill it. Armed only with his naivety and his ability to tell stories, Steven exchanges "once-upon-a-times" with every willing stranger he meets. Each improbable tale leads him closer to the true meaning of his quest. Ultimately he discovers that if all that looks like a dragon is not a dragon, then it follows that all that is a dragon may not look like a dragon.

Join in the fun by ordering your copy of Steven George and The Dragon at http://stngeorge.com!