23 October 2011

Silence is Leaden

In talking, consulting, and writing for self-publishers, I have often used the statement, “The day you stop selling your book, your book stops selling.” I’ve seen the eyes roll—excuse me, glance toward the ceiling, as my daughter would say. Nothing happens that fast. There is never a direct relationship between what I do and what happens in the market. In fact, sometimes silence is golden.


So, I ran an experiment. I didn’t post on my blog this week. I didn’t send out any email about my book. I didn’t contact any bookstores. I didn’t do any presentations….


The result? See the whole story at “The Rubricant!”


…There, see? I’m getting in the spirit of selling my books after my leaden silence of the past week. There’s only 8 days left until NaNoWriMo!