19 September 2005

Accidental Witness
Premise: All the religious events of the world were actually alien interventions in a managed world greenhouse. We see evidence in some of the Biblical events like Enoch walking with God and being “no more”. The marrying of the Elohim among the daughters of men. Elijah taken up in a fiery chariot with Elisha watching. Moses body being wrestled over by Michael and Lucifer with Joshua as a witness. Jesus meeting with Moses and Elijah on the Mount with Peter, John, and Andrew as witnesses. Paul seeing the light on the road to Damascus. We couple that with wise and sometimes conflicting prophets of other cultures like Zoroaster, Mohammed, Buddha, Confucius, and others.

The explanation is that an alien race, greatly long-lived, has orchestrated the growth of earth from primitive cultures to the present. At times the power structure among these aliens shifts and there are shifts in what the program proves to be. And there is the uncertain growth patterns of the world itself. “a great, seething, raw and powerful intelligence that has no personality.”

The trick will be to make a compelling story out of it. There should be a specific goal or task that needs to be accomplished before the world gains its personality. There is a grand design, it just doesn’t happen to involve the mythology that we have created around events that we weren’t supposed to know about, but there were accidental witnesses to them.

I’ll work in the Greek gods and the Titans preceeding them. The alien race moves outside the bounds of time. The universe is a big seedbed of these wild planets that the group of aliens tends like a garden, some with more success than others. From that rises the story.