22 September 2005

The Setup

What I’m thinking at the moment is that the story will be one of discovery by an old hippie, seeker of truth. Has been a Christian, Hari Krishna, Pagan, Atheist. Now, through some discovery, has become an accidental witness to the “truth” that even he must struggle to comprehend. Would have been easier to write in the sixties when he could blame it all on Timothy Leary.

I. I am no sage, nor a particularly wise person. I’m certainly no prophet. I’ve always been a seeker of truth in one of its many forms, however, and that, I suppose is what has led me to become a researcher. No, I’m not trying to find a cure for cancer, nor to get the next great scientific breakthrough. You see, I’m a genealogist.

II. Where can the research problem come from that leads into this adventure? Researching a little known family tree line and finding an account by an ancestor about the strange thing he saw that sparked his discovery. Perhaps doing primary research, gathering family stories from an old woman. She suggests that something is going on somewhere. And someone ought to get to the bottom of it.

III. There is a sequence of events that has led up to her story that I uncover a bit at a time. First, an old newspaper article verifying the substance of the story. Then a family Bible that records on this date Emily saw something. In the record, there is a key word that leads to additional research and that takes him along a paper trail of documents that lead back to the Roman Empire. It seems that not only have these people been seeing things for years, but that it is part of the same family for as far back as time can tell.

IV. Carefully work in a commentary regarding the Alien’s conflict that keeps getting the human race involved in places that they are not supposed to be. It is not the human potential to great good things, but the tendency toward gross incompetence that keep having people show up where they are not supposed to be. We discover that one of the aliens is actually facilitating the accidental witnessing.