01 September 2006

I know who dunnit! and how!

I just figured out who killed Simon and how. Now I know something that Dag doesn't know. No, this is something I'm not telling you either. Read the book!

I've also figured out the secret to the tattooed code on Simon, Bradley, and Angel, and a secret that Dag is going to die not knowing. (Leave something for Riley to uncover in the next book.) It is actually a 512 bit encryption key (very secure). The thing is that each person knows part of the key, but no one knows the whole thing. And even when you have all the pieces, you still have to figure out how they go together. It is possible that Simon knew the whole code. It could be that it is something Dag designed in his youth when he knew Simon and Brenda. You'll just have to read the sequel to find out!

Finally, once you know the code, you don't know the code. Each piece is a 128-bit key to something completely different. No wonder it has taken Dag a month to break this thing. If he had a Cray super-computer, he might be able to do it a bit faster, but you wouldn't trust that kind of thing in the hands of the guys who run Cray supers!

I've also just about nailed down where the money is coming from that Simon is laundering, and how he gets it. But I've also figured out how Bradley is making money without Simon knowing it and is laundering it through Simon's transactions. It is when Simon finds out where Bradley's money is coming from that he suddenly gets religion, so to speak, and starts giving it all away.

Now, if I can just figure out what happens on day 11, I'll be a lot happier than I am at the moment.

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