05 May 2009

A little more alchemy

I still need a small alchemical detail worked out. I need to know the formula for lead type. I hope I can look it up. If not, I would need the volume by weight of the three metals (lead, tin, antimony) when liquid and when solid. With those numbers, I should be able to determine the % of each that is needed to create a dimensionally stable alloy.

I'm pretty sure how to do this with Antimony and either one of the other metals:
aV1T + bV1A = aV2T + bV2A where a and b are the percentage or number of units and V1T is the volume of tin when liquid per unit and V2T is the volume of tin when solid per unit. V1A is the volume of antimony per unit when liquid and V2A is the volume of antimony per unit when solid.

Then I compute the same formula for Lead and Antimony. Once I have two dimensionally stable alloys, a 50/50 mix of the two alloys should result in a third dimensionally stable alloy of all three metals. So, for example, if the ratio of Tin to Antimony is 3:1 and the ratio of lead to Antimony is 5:1, then the total formula would be 3 parts tin, 5 parts Lead, and 2 parts Antimony. I'd like to see how close the actual formula is to the previously solved formula for a 3 part alloy that is equal inweight per volume to Silver (.803005305cm3 Lead + .105459050cm3 Tin + <.091535645cm3 Antimony result result in 1 cm3 alloy equal in weight to 1 cm3 Silver.