23 May 2009

The Secret Message

The nicks on the characters of the 12 pages are a grill. If you place the rubric over the first page of the gospel, then prick through each of the nicks, they line up with a sequence of characters in the text. This sequence when spelled out holds a message from Gutenberg. It says, basically:

“The great library of Ptolemy is preserved beneath the mountain of the gods in Kommagene of Anatolia. But no man may ever find its entrance unless he find where the moon and the stars meet at the water. Here, fierce warriors guard the ancient treasure. Their religion is none but the saving of the word and by many they are called the fire of the desert. It was here that I learned the art of the book, and here that I made my greatest alchemical work. This secret has been hidden in the black river and preserved at the behest of my most excellent patron and guardian, Dieter von Isenburg; may he live long.”