19 February 2009

Back to the Jinn

Here's an idea on how I could incorporate the Jinn without slipping into Urban Fantasy. I decided that was really what separated Indiana Jones from The DaVinci Code. Each Indiana Jones movie has had an ultra-sensory experience. We had the magical properties of the lost Ark, some guy who could coax your heart out of your chest, the Holy Grail's healing powers, and finally, an alien spaceship. DaVinci Code had the last descendant of Jesus, but nothing supernatural about that.

So, the fire spirit references to the Jinn are used to establish a framework, but they never come on the scene to either save the day or ruin things. Instead, there is an elite cadre of guards, equivalent to the Templar Knights, who are direct descendants of say, the saracens. This very small and elite group take their name from the Jinn, whom they revere. For nearly sex centuries (or more) they have guarded and protected the tomb at Nemrud and the library hidden beneath it.

Do they want to keep it hidden? Or are they waiting for the right person to come along to open it and return it to the world? Perhaps the person who connects the marks will be the one they give control to.

This kind of loyal, dedicated squad probably has to get wiped out in order to complete the story. They become the last of the Jinn.

Need research on what the ancestry is, how long they've been at Nimrud, perhaps descendants of the king's personal guard. Need more info.