02 February 2009

New questions

I wrote to the director of the Scheide Library for help today. I'm not keen on using real locations for the story for obvious reasons, but basing a mythical location on a real one is certainly within bounds, especially since there are only a dozen copies of the Bamberg extant and one is at the Scheide.
  1. Are the volumes at the Scheide in display cases like the British Library?

  2. Is it possible for qualified people to examine the volumes outside the sealed environment in which they are kept?

  3. Is the Scheide inside the firestone Library or a standalone?

  4. Is there much traffic in and out?

  5. Is there a known copy of the rubric for the Bamberg?

  6. Is there an on-line copy or image of the Bamberg?

  7. Where are the other Bambergs?

  8. Where did this one come from?