11 February 2009

Who's who?

The detective's name is Robert Allen. While that sounds quite English, he is actually of Kurdish ancestry. In the areas of Kurdish Turkey or Iraq, the name would be Robar Alan. His Kurdish ancestry will work both for and against him. He may run into immigration problems upon entering Turkey, but th econsulate will halp him there. In Kurdistan, he may run into relatives.

Actually getting into Kurdistan might create problems for Peter as well. It is a war zone. The Kurds are fighting for independence. Turkey has renewed its authorization to attack separatist outposts in Iraq. The Kurds extend into Iran as well.

  1. If I wanted to follow the Silk Road from Istanbul to China, what Visas and permissions would I have to have?

  2. Does the Silk Road map to any regular auto routes across Turkey and Iran today?

  3. What would be the best mode of transportation to get from Istanbul to the Iran border?

  4. What would be the most likely sect to be guarding the ancient scrolls? Sufi? Zorastrian? Christian? Sunni? Shiite? Other?

  5. Now that we have the symbols, what do they mean and how are they used?