26 February 2009

The risks of finding the library

In order to protect the accumulated knowledge of the world, no one who enters the library since it left Alexandria has ever been allowed to leave. For that reason, Gutenberg was allowed access to only a few manuscripts so he could teach the art of printing. The map he took away was done in secret. That will also make it difficult for Peter and Maddie to leave once they have gained access. It is only through the attack on the location by their antagonist and the help of the detective that they manage to escape. The Jinn are destroyed as well as the entrance to the library. Everyone and everything is sealed inside.

It's possible that they are kidnapped. They are probably taken into the library as prisoners who have been kiidnapped. They think they have been captured by thePKK, but it is actually the Jinn. Instead of finding the route in, they are literally dragged in. Does that work?