27 June 2007

Characters: Stn. George & The Dragon

Steps to the Dragon: 89,921/910,079. Today: 6,497. Average: 8,175

Mayor/Elder is manipulating things. He uses the whole idea of raising a dragon-slayer to unite the village in a common cause as a way to divert their attention away from real issues at home. Not enough food? It's the dragon's fault. Plague? The dragon's fault. Lost sheep? The dragon took it. If we could just get rid of the dragon, our problems would be solved.

Mother is a single mom. There may be several aspects about that. She may be hiding the elder's rape under some threat. The declaration may be that the dragon-slayer will be a man without a father. When Stn asks who his father is she answers only that he is the child of the Sun (and moon?). He says other children have fathers, she answers that he is not like other children. Everything is programmed to make stn feel different and set apart.