09 June 2007

Notes on St. George

Notes on Stn George

Is the dragon his father and the next dragon-slayer his son? Seems a little cliche. I'm your father Luke. Oedipean.

Richard suggests that it is about making the transitions. What do you do after you have achieved your goals?

Steven should be ageless. The experience of an older man, but the naivete of a youth. Rich experience within a limited framework. His experience is of his townor village. No one there really knows much of the world. So when he meets strangers on the road he doesn't know about Tinkers and Pilgrims, Gypsies soldiers. The dragon is able to tempt him with things he has never seen. Aside from it being so hard to write, it would be good if he was sexless. Anyone should be able to identify with him.

There should be a fairly even division in the influences that he encounters in terms of sex.
Mother, Lover, Teacher, Gypsy
Priest, Mayor, Tinker, Soldier, Pilgrim
Also in and out of village.

Stately & Dignified = 80 steps/minute
Hiking long distance= 100 steps/minute
Liesurely or dragging = 60 steps/minute
Rushing = 140 steps/minute

Step length is 30" (2.5 feet)
Feet in a mile = 5280 (inches =63360)
Steps in a mile = 2112 (symetrical)
Speed in town = 26.4 minutes per mile or 2.3 miles/hour
Speed on the road = 21.1 min/mile or 2.9 mi/hr
Speed at a rush = 15 min/mile or 4 mi/hr.