28 June 2007

Characters: Stn. George & The Dragon

Steps to the Dragon: 100,041/899,959. Today: 10,120. Average: 8,337.

The teacher. I thought at first that the teacher would be all about math, physics, and history; but I'm thinking the instruction medium is music. I think this because Stn needs something to occupy himself on the road, and to help him with his pace. He should have uphill songs, downhill songs, evening and morning songs, and perhaps songs for other occasions that will help him on his journey. The songs should be instructional, containing the math, physics, and history that he will need as he travels.

This brings us to the point of an instrument for Stn. He should have something besides his voice. I think. But what kind of instrument? If he has to blow it, that cuts down his pace because it takes air. He's not likely to do it under any strenuous effort. Strings are nice, but take two hands. A drum would be all right, but perhaps monotonous.

So, maybe I need to invent an instrument that can be played with just the fingers of one hand, while holding it in the same hand. some pentatonic instrument. Hmmm. The description of that could be interesting.