17 June 2007

Steps to the Dragon

Steps to the Dragon: 5,700/994,300. Today: 5,700

Bought a pedometer that counts my footsteps. In measurement tests, my step is just under 32". So my walking today of 5,700 steps is just under three miles. My estimates say that Steven George will have to travel 1,000,000 steps to get from the village to the dragon (about 500 miles) I'm planning to see if I can get there before he does. It's going to be a summer of heavy walking. I'm thinking that as I progress and get the list closer to what I think it will be, I'm going to try walking with a pack of approximately the weight that Steven will start out carrying. I'd like to see how that affects his stride and ability to travel. It should be very interesting.

I think that beating Steven George on his run is a great idea.

If you come to a point where you really need to slow George down, a thick rainforest is a great idea, esp. if you have it rain during the journey. A rain during a journey can flood the area and in an attempt to esp the torrent, it can really throw you off course. The coming of the new river sounds just like cars driving overhead. A 3 mile point-to-point hike that I went on in Panama with a hiking expert and a bunch of other healthy high school students took us eight hours.

Thanks for telling us about the pedometer. I love when you dig in.

Ok, I have to loan you my brother-in-law's book. Yes, he was running instead of walking, and yes, most days he could get to a town to sleep in, but just the same I guarantee you'll get a lot of insight into Steven's journey from reading at least some of it. I'll try to remember to bring it in tomorrow.