03 October 2005

Direct or Indirect?

What I'm weighing at the moment is the difference between having the protagonist discover something that exposes the alien intervention vs. the discovery being part of a direct intervention on the part of the alien intelligence. In the first scenario, there has to be some major flaw on the part of the aliens that has left a trail that this guy is so brilliant as to be able to follow and discover for the first time something that has been going on for thousands of years. That seems more incredible (and ego-centric) than the idea that he happened to be in the right place at the right time and the aliens used him to expose the plan, like a prophet in the Old Testament.

Now this puts a new twist on the whole story if he is chosen for the task by the aliens like God choosing a prophet. What I'd like to do with this concept, however, is a little twist that maybe he is the wrong person. So he gets exposed to it by accident when the aliens intended the message to go through someone with more credibility or a different profile. In that way, he becomes one of the accidental witnesses himself. Maybe the old lady telling the story tells him the location where the exchange of information is to take place and he goes there and witnesses it. Then he attempts to publish an expose on the real prophet.

I can see that this has taken a third bent as I've been writing about it here. So he makes the discovery himself, but he makes it not from brilliant research, but from being accidentally present when the real prophet is given the message. I like this, because his interpretation is not the insider info, but is the accidental witness view that only has a limited amount of context around it from which to create his story. The real prophet is not even given a message to pass on to humanity, but is one of the aliens who is being tied into a part of the plan. It involves a technology development or a political development. Not something religious, but something that is related to the "ultimate" goal of the greenhouse.

I'm getting very excited about this and only hope that I will have enough time to devote to writing it. I'm ready to start now, but of course that would be cheating. I'm waiting to put the first words on screen for November 1.