17 October 2005

Using a Johari Window

I was told recently about Johari Windows and have decided to try creating one based on my two protagonists, Aaron and Pol. It was rather difficult, but worthwhile. Next I'll tackle one for each of them as they relate to the antagonist, Nina.

1.0 Open
1.1 What Aaron and Pol both know about Aaron
1.1.1 Aaron is a writer
1.1.2 Aaron stumbled on a meeting of Pol, Alex, and the architects
1.1.3 Aaron has an inquisitive mind that is unlikely to let what he sees pass unchallenged
1.2 What Aaron and Pol both know about Pol
1.2.1 Pol is a high-profile political presence
1.2.2 Pol has hidden agendas
1.2.3 Pol is an environmental supporter
2.0 Blind
2.1 What Pol knows about Aaron that Aaron doesn’t know about himself
2.1.1 He is genetically receptive to contact with the aliens
2.1.2 He is under-motivated in his work
2.1.3 He is essentially alone in this world
2.2 What Aaron knows about Pol that Pol doesn’t know about herself
2.2.1 She is sexually attractive to him
2.2.2 She is…
3.0 Hidden
3.1 What Aaron knows about himself that Pol doesn’t know
3.1.1 He was at the meeting site intentionally
3.1.2 He is investigating her genealogy
3.1.3 He has a camera-phone on which he is recording peculiar events
3.2 What Pol knows about herself that Aaron doesn’t know
3.2.1 She is an alien
3.2.2 She is working to influence the world according to a larger design in which she plays a small part
3.2.3 What was decided in her meeting with Alex and the architects
4.0 Unknown
4.1 What neither Aaron nor Pol know about Aaron
4.1.1 He is
4.1.2 He is
4.2 What neither Aaron nor Pol know about Pol
4.2.1 She is under investigation at base for illegal interference
4.2.2 She is

Obviously, some of the things in the unknown section are also unknown to me. I suppose that is the part of the story that they will tell me and I will simply record.


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