28 October 2005

No New Technology

Well, I think I have succeeded in stripping all new technology from my science fiction. I'm even considering stripping out the scene of Aaron being taken to the "greenhouse" by the aliens. I think I'm getting a more powerful story if there is doubt right to the end over whether they are really aliens, or even any different particularly in their capabilities. The whole concept of being an accidental witness is that there might be an explanation that is contextual for the witness. The more mystical the person witnessing, the more religious the explanation might be. The more scientific/analytical they are, the more likely the explanation is to be logical and scientific. Aaron is a researcher. He's going to go for a logical and technical explanation. Pol is going to have a hard time convincing him that she is anything other than a good politician.

So now I have to reconsider whether the speculation over whether or not there is an alien race gardening worlds makes the story science fiction or if this little drama is going to play out as more of a literary fiction piece. Man! Now that would be a first for me. (Although I guess you could call last year's more in the literary form now that I think of it.) Well, you know what they say. It's science fiction if they put it in the science fiction section at Barnes & Noble. As if...