18 October 2005

Rules of Engagement

My premise for this race of aliens that is involved in the affairs of the earth is this: They refer to themselves as the "Gardeners" and care for the earth in the same way that we would care for a plant in a greenhouse. Their purpose is to grow earth into its personality so that it can participate with other "adult worlds" in the universe. It considers humanity to have a symbiotic relationship with the planet itself. Neither can exist without the other, though both are mere juveniles compared to the adult versions that will evolve. Since they are growing an intelligent organism, they have certain restrictions on what they can and can't do. They have to take the form of humans or other evolved species on the planet. They cannot use technology that doesn't exist in the timeframe that they are co-existing while they are on the planet. There is some question regarding their appearances in remote areas to communicate with each other. They are not psychic in their human forms, but they do read people really well. The base or control center for their operations does have advanced technology and they control several worlds in various stages of development from there. A small group of the aliens referred to as the architects set the policy in dealing with each world, but leave execution up to those who are gardening that planet.