10 October 2005

Getting Antsy

Well, to keep myself from sitting down and starting to write the book today, I worked for several hours on designing the new book site. I think it looks pretty good. You can see it at Accidental Witness. I have to fix the cross-linking between that site and this one as I intend to continue posting notes on the development here while I'm writing there in November. It now has the Chapter Outline up in the form that the actual body of the book will take. Boy it took a lot of work to get the templates edited correctly. The template I intended to use I just couldn't get to behave the way I wanted it to. So the one that I'm actually using is a derivative of this one. I just made a few changes to the general shape and layout, background colors, and, of course, what appeared in the sidebar. I want it focused on the book, so will create the table of contents in the sidebar so that you can navigate through it chapter by chapter. I've got to decide whether to name the chapters in addition to calling them Chapter One, etc. I'm also not too pleased with the chapter heading. I'm not sure what happened that I didn't get an option to put a title on the post as I do on this site. I didn't touch anything in that arena as far as I know. Well, that is enough for tonight. Better head for bed.


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