14 October 2005

New Character Developments

I've come up with two new developments with the characters that will affect the story line.

  • Nina Patterson. She becomes an accidental witness and over Aaron's objections reports what she believes she saw (an event that had a totally different context than what she believes she witnessed). As a result, ultimately Pol dies. I'm not sure yet of what cause.

  • The love affair. Uncle Alex is going to have a real argument with Pol about her relationship with Aaron. It's going to revolve around how disgusting it is for one of her race to have relations with what is to them essentially a plant. She will argue that when they take on the totally human form and go through the birth process and all the stages of human life they become subject to the same emotions, desires, and fallacies that their human subjects have.

This argument could lead to the event that Nina witnesses and ultimately blows the whistle on. I really have to re-write my chapter outline this weekend.