08 January 2009

Characters proposed

  • MC: Last name Drucker. Some possible family names include John and Peter. I'm also fond of Francis (i or e?). Drucker is German for "printer." John and Peter are after Gutenberg and Schoeffer. Francis would come from Francesco Griffo, the typographer who invented Italic for Aldus Manutius and was then cheated out of his patent.

    Drucker is in early to mid-40s. He has attended school to become a librarian, but when he went to school it was at the beginning of the DTP revolution in the mid-80s. He grabbed hold of the technology because of his familiarity with printing. Still, he is an avid researcher in printing & publishing and he knows of the mystery of Gutenberg's other book.

  • Love Interest: A librarian in her mid-30s. she is curator of the rare books section at a University where Drucker is lecturing and doing research. There remains a question regarding whether she is one of the good guys or one of the bad guys. she takes boks more seriously than people. She may begin in an antigonistic relationshipwith Drucker.

  • Antagonist 1: A rival for the discovery of J.G.'s secret. Possibly a vormer friend or partner who believes Drucker is holding out on him. There may be a long-standing rival faction of which the antagonist 1 is a member.

  • Antagonist 2: This is a legal authority either in the U.S. or Germany or Italy that believes Drucker has stolen a valuable artifact, or set fire to the library, or murdered someone. This authority is drawn in to the Gutenberg unwillingly and may need to temporarily ally him/herself with either Drucker or Antagonist 1.

  • Antagonist 3: This is a wealthy patron of the arts who "collects" rare objects and once he has set his eyes on one will do anything necessary to get it for himself. He probably owns a number of extremely rare manuscripts and incunabula.

  • Family of Drucker

    • Grandfather who has been a mentor of Drucker and initiated him into the Gutenberg mystery. He is an old printer with ink in his veins.

    • Mother who is of questionable loyalties. She forbade contact between Drucker and his grandfater after her husband died (was killed?) in a printing accident. The father was a serious hunter after the Gutenberg secret.

    • Stepfather? Who might be a part of Antagonist 3's cadre, sent to keep an eye on Drucker and his grandfather.

    • Drucker's sister? who could be used to pressure Drucker to release the secret when he finally discovers it.