14 January 2009

Rough synopsis of the first three chapters

Okay, I've got a start that will get this rolling.

Scene 1: Peter Drucker is leaving the library musing over his new relationship with librarian Madeline Zane (Maddie) as his research progresses. About 20 steps from the library, there is an explosion that rips off the front entrance of the library and knocks Peter flat and unconscious.

Scene 2: Peter wakes up in hospital. His first thought is of Maddie and he tries to get himself up and out of bed to find her when she storms into the room. Instead of being glad to see him alive, she accuses him of stealing the manuscript he'd been working on. Eventually he pieces together enough to believe that someone has used Maddie to find Drucker. They leave the hospital as police pull up. The two are not paying attention and are grabbed by unknown assailants who chloroform them and shove them into a waiting car.

Scene 3: Introduce "The Collector," also known as "The Voice" since they never see him/her. Peter wakes up strapped to a chair. The shadowy figure of the collector is introduced. He wants Peter to find Gutenberg's Other Book for him, or he will do something bad to Maddie. He knows Peter has an interest in this and willpay himhandsomely for the other book. As evidence of good faith he gives Peter a manuscript.

There are a couple of fine points that make matters more complicated.
  • Gutenberg's other book is not the real goal of what the collector is after. It contains a clue to a secret. Have to do some more research on this, but Gutenberg is right between Nicolas Flamel and Nostradamus. There is an alchemical secret around "the black (or white or red?) powder" that goes beyond turning base metal into gold.

  • Someone else is trying to get the secret as well. In fact, Peter's family has been searching for a number of years. So he has to consult with his grandfather who is now very old.

  • The police grow to suspect that Peter is involved in the library bombing. They are investigating everything he does. The heat gets turned up when Peter goes to Germany and the police find the missing library manuscript in Peter's home or car.

  • The collector provides peter with $10,000 and a credit card, but when Peter visits his grandfater, he is given new identity papers by his grandfather. Maddie is released and accompanies Peter, but every so often Peter is emailed a video of her and a renewed warning.