20 January 2009

Continuing scenes

It's time to start thinking about where I'm sending my heroes. In the third movement, Peter & Maddie are given a manuscript by the Collector that he believes contains "the clue" that they will need to find Gutenberg's other book. Along with it, they are given a ticket to Germany so they can do research at the Gutenberg museum in Mainz.

Scene 4: The go to the airport to discover that police are showing up. Instead of going to their gate, they rent a car and leave the airport as a new glass atrium explodes. They take off driving cross-country. Time for Peter and Maddie to have it out. No Jason-Bourne-I'm-wounded-but-with-super-strength-I-still-go-on. The drama and exhaustion come from the non-stop drive from S.E. U.S. to El Centro, CA. The scene ends with them greeting Peter's grandfater somewhere near El Centro.

Scene 5: Meeting with grandfather covers three points: *opportunity to stop and examine the manuscript and leave it in grandfather's care. * opportunity to fill in backstory on Peter's family and the Gutenberg quest. * new I.D. & credentials for Peter & Maddie.

Scene 6: Peter and Maddie are motivated to move from Grandfather's care by two things.
  • First, the clue they unravel from the manuscript suggests they need to examine the Bamberg Bible. (Where is it?)

  • Second, Peter gets a picture message on the phone The Voice gave him that shows him with Maddie in a restaurant in downtown Elcentro. The Voice knows where they are.

Grandfather battens down the retreat and Peter & Maddie head out right ahead of the police.