17 January 2009

Getting to the urgency

In order to make this work as a thriller, I have to keep Maddie and Peter on the run from the first chapter on. So this is what I have in mind and the research questions that it brings up.

Maddie & Peter escape from the hospital believing that the voice on the phone has called the police on them. They escape through the emergency room and right into the waiting clutches of the Collector (also referred to as The Voice because they never really see him and only hear him on the phone).

In reality, the police have been informed there is a bomb at the hospital. I'm thinking there actually is a bomb that blows up another glass front edifice. It could be why the police keep thurning up where Peter is, because a bomb-threat has been called in. They look at security footage and see Peter leaving the building before each one. The Voice is calling in the tip and then alerting Peter that the police are closing in. The key to the explosion pattern is that the buildings have all been built in thepast 10 years and all have a glass facade.
Glass could figure into the alchemical element as well. After all, you take sand and turn it into transparent glass. Why wouldn't you think you could transmute other elements as well?

I believe that The Voice is a wealthy donor and that each of the buildings have been something he contributed substantially to in the past 10-15 years. The buildings all have an atrium or glass facade that implodes. Ultimately it is shown that each of the glass structures was wired with an explosive when it was built.

When it is time for the mystery to be solved, The Voice cannot leave his demolitions expert at large, so he arranges to have him too close to an explosion and he is killed. No connection to the Voice is left except Peter & Maddie.

  1. Does Maddie consciously contact The Voice to keep him apprised of their location, or is she tagged with a homing device?

  2. Is it beyond the imagination to make an explosive glass?

  3. How does the accomplice rig the explosions?

  4. How do Peter & Maddie expose The Voice and bring him to justice?

  5. Is Maddie good or bad?