25 January 2009

The Contemporary Backstory

The Druckers are and have been a family of printers for generations. The name Drucker is German for "printer." Peter's fater was killed in a printshop accident when he fell into a high-speed Web press. His mother, frightened that it was not an accident, forebade any contact between Peter and his grandfater save Christmas and birthday cards and the grandfather's one gift of a subscription to a boy's magazine.

In fact, Francis Drucker, the grandfather, wrote and printed the quarterly magazine himself and there was a small subscription base. It seemed a pretty basic magazine focused on solving puzzles and telling exciting stories. In fact, it was a training magazine that Francis used to impart bits of wisdom and lore that he would have passed directly to Peter if he had been allowed more contact. Francis operated his publication from a remote facility near El Centro, CA.

Peter's inborn love of books led him to study library science in school, but when, at age 21, he received a ticket to visit his grandfather, he fell in love with presses. He was, however, also in love with the new desktop publishing and computer technology. Nonetheless, Francis initiated Peter into the mysteries of the Printer's guild. These mysteries included legends of another Gutenberg book, a hidden treasure, and the people who took them seriously. Peter traveled as an expert in DTP, training and assisting conversions to computerized processes, but he continued to complete his studies in library science, now determined to gain access to rare books that might hold the key to the printers' mysteries.

Hence, Peter was well-acquainted with the legends of gutenberg's other book long before The Voice contacted him. In fact, that seems to be why The mysterious Voice wanted Peter to be the one who went on the quest and solved the problem.