27 January 2009

More questions

Now, I am back to the beginning.
  1. Who wants something from the Library of Alexandria so badly that he will blow up buildings and kill people to manipulate Peter & Maddie to get it?

  2. What is it?

  3. Why is it so valuable?

  4. Even if it was both the library and the temple treasure, is that enough to motivate the story?

  5. Is The Voice a member of one of the Guild factions, or is Peter being blocked or dogged by the Aldines as well?

I'm thinking that Peter & his grandfater do a bit of communicating by sign language. He teaches Maddie some and later they recognize a rival or possible ally because they see him signing.

I really need to flesh out some of the other characters that are going to be involved in this. So far I have the vague notion that there is a bomber and a detective of some sort, but nothing more stable than that. I can't build a complex enough storyline unless I have more players.


Jason Black said...

25: someone whose actual goal--for which the thing from alexandria is a means to that end--is already so cracked and out-there that his/her moral compass is gone. Someone who is mentally 'off' enough to believe that he/she can have immortality/world domination/whatever by means of some arcane knowledge from alexandria. The sort of person who, at some time in the past, had more reasonable goals but somehow got fixated and obsessed on this other goal and came to believe they could actually have it. Obsession--whatever its basis--is, I believe, one of the more plausible motivations for amoral manipulation and murder.

26, 27: beats me. You're the writer. :)

28: I don't think it _has_ to be either or both of those, but if it is, then you give yourself more ways to make the MaGuffin desireable for the good guys, too. IMHO, the interesting-factor goes up if the good guys and the bad guys want the same thing but for different (and hopefully incompatible) reasons.