30 May 2006

Dag on Aging and Hair

Please don't confuse me with Dag. These thoughts have nothing to do with the way I'm reacting to graying, balding, sprouting, and generally aging.
"Back when Drew Carey was funny, he said that his pimples and hair had all marched off his head, down his back, and had taken up residence on his ass. Come to think about it, that wasn't all that funny either."

"They've got to find a way to transplant ear-hair to the top of your head."

"Having been fair-haired all my life, turning gray went by almost unnoticed."

"I don't have eyebrows. They've always been so thin and fine that you can't see them. So it's doubly irritating when one suddenly sprouts out long enough to curl around and poke me in the eye."

And so he groused spoke.