31 May 2006

Location, Location, Location

This continues the saga of where the action is in Security & Exchange. There were some really good comments on the various circuits that I suggested earlier. Among them, the most significant was making sure that Brenda and Dag are in a position where they can meet. In other words, they either need to live in the same city, or she needs a really good reason to seek him out.

Because it will be the major scene of action, I've decided that either Seattle or Minneapolis should be the hub of activity. These are two cities that I know pretty well. Minneapolis has two advantages: It is an airline hub with <3-hour flight time to anyplace in the US and it is just a few miles north of the Mao Clinic which would be a good place for Dag to have heart evaluation. Seattle's main advantage is that I live there now and can scout out locations, time from one place to another, and exactly visualize the places where action will occur (even though I'll idealize it slightly). Unfortunately Seattle is >3 hours from almost everywhere. I really hate the thought of such a lot of flight time unless I confine everything to the west coast. Still a possibility.

So, next I need to come up with appropriate motivations to get from one city to another. I've got a few ideas jotted down in the synopsis below, but I want to make it more concrete. I might even cut the number of places down and have multiple units of action occur in fewer places. For now, I'll spend some time with maps and flight schedules and see what comes up.