30 May 2006

Dag on Security

Well, the working title is Security & Exchange so it seemed appropriate to have Dag comment on some of the issues regarding security and what is its currency of exchange.
"Most security is based on the puffer fish. If you look big and scary, most will leave you alone. To others it's just a challenge."

"The data on your computer is only as secure as the computer is. If I have your computer, I have your data."

"The worst-kept secret in the world is a spy convention."

"Is his bow-tie really a camera? No. It's his cufflinks."

"If you sacrifice freedom for security, you deserve neither. If you sacrifice both, you deserve what you get."

"You are only as free as your willingness to walk away."

"Don't worry about me stealing your identity. From what I've seen, I prefer being me."

"All my life I've played it safe. Safe investments. Safe job. Safe relationships. Then I find out I need a new heart and none of it matters."

"Real security isn't closing your eyes chanting 'I'm safe, I'm safe, I'm safe.' It's having the courage to open your eyes and look at what's coming."

Ouch. I detect that Dag is making some discoveries that are changing his life since he found out how sick he is.