22 May 2006

Jason suggested that maybe Dag is a Figure Skating fan

After reading the entry about my daughter's victory this weekend, Jason suggested that it would be just the kind of unexpected thing from this crusty old detective to find out that he likes to kick back in the evening with a beer and watch figure skating on TV.

"Man, if I knew when I was ten what I know now, I'd have become a figure skater. What a dream place for a healthy boy, no matter which side of the plate he swings from. You've got access to some of the most beautiful girls, and boys, on the planet. And there's no competition!"

"When I get up on a good day, I can stand up straight by the time I get from my bed to the bathroom. Most days it takes till I get to the kitchen. Damn! Age sucks."

"When I finally get into bed at night, after all the prep work, I'm wearing my retainer, an NTI device to keep from clenching my teeth, and a C-PAP mask to keep my apnea at bay. I fall asleep instantly and sleep soundly until the alarm rings. It's a miracle of modern medicine, but it sure puts a dent in your social life."

It's an idea worth considering, and might set up some of the comments about wanting to be an acrobat. I'll put it in the hopper. One of the star's guy friends in "Stick It" turns to his buddy at a gymnastics meet and says, "Man! How did we ever not know about this?!"