23 May 2006

Section 4: I made my first mortgage payment when I was 26 and my last one two months later.

We discover as Dag regains consciousness in a hospital again that he bought a house when he was 26, but it burned down. We discover that he lost his wife in the fire and couldn’t bear to either build or sell. He’s simply held the property and paid the taxes for nearly 30 years.

The hospital Dag is in this time is the Mao Clinic. Someone reported his heart-attack and Aid got there in time to keep him alive. His client found out he was in a local hospital and had him airlifted to Rochester. This is where Dag discovers that he needs a heart transplant. Reasons to come. It’s an expensive process, but the alternative is death. He goes back to Seattle to recover and contemplate liquidating his assets to pay for the transplant. He has huge decisions to make. He now realizes that he’s living on borrowed time and he starts thinking about what he should do with his life and how he is living it. Throughout it all, his client is becoming more and more a companion, though they aren’t “doing” anything. She is working closely with him to put together the clues. They are sharing more and more about themselves.

While Dag is recovering, he catches a news story on the internet (news of the weird or some such) that gives him a big lead on where he should head next. A real break in his investigation. He has also been researching his heart ailment and has discovered a story about the line of children waiting for transplants that are uninsured or can’t be paid for. He starts thinking about selling his property and paying for his own uninsured transplant, but starts thinking more and more about what kind of good he could do in the world now that he knows for sure that any day could be his last one on earth.

Dag is torn by his desire to chuck the investigation into his client’s missing funds so that he can focus on getting healthy and his deepening feelings for her. Somehow he manages to get going, and track down this one last lead.

This one turns out to be “the other woman” that he suspected all along might be behind the husband’s sudden disappearance. When he finally tracks her down, she attempts to seduce him. He resists her advances, but ends up drugged and unconscious. End Section 4.


jason said...

"He resists her advances, but ends up drugged and unconscious"

This will be the second time that Dag has been rendered unconscious by an antagonist, and yet, he lives! One of my movie/tv pet peeves is how main characters and antagonists alike never just kill their opponents when they have the chance. Once, I'll put up with. But having essentially the same thing happen twice in the same novel starts to stretch the credulity.

I realize that you have sort of a theme going here with Dag losing consciousness at the end of the sections, but I think you'll have some work to do in finding ways to make that happen that don't make the reader think "Oh, no, not this again."