30 May 2006

Dag on Young Women and Older Men

Dag had a lot to say this weekend and I'm still transcribing the hurried notes I made. Here's another installment.
"I try not to date women less than half my age. Unfortunately I usually succeed."

"I don't need a hot twenty-something assuming I'm turned on just because she walked into the room. At my age she needs to at least smile at me."

"Just because you can't cut the mustard doesn't mean you can't lick the pot."

"She packed a size-12 personality into a size-8 dress."

"I'm getting married this fall," she said. "Oh dear," I answered, "does your mommy know?"

"A woman doesn't need to have been around the block a few times to interest me. But she does need a drivers license."

I know there are more notes from the family barbecue this weekend, but there's red sauce sticking the pages of my notebook together. As soon as I pry them apart, I'll let you know what else he had to say.