28 May 2006


I'm trying to map out Dag's travels. I'd like each section to take him to a different city so he's really having to get around. I wrote the initial portion so that he is hanging from a window sill six stories above the Seattle Waterfront at the beginning, which is where the end of the fifth section has to leave him so in the sixth we come current with the beginning and finish out to the end. But does Dag live in Seattle? Or is this simply a place that he has visited during the investigation. I am considering the possible locations as Boston, Washington DC, Miami, Chicago, Phoenix, and Seattle. Some alternatives would be to focus all on one coast with say, Atlanta, Savannah, and Bars Harbor. Or maybe march across the north a bit more and do Boston, Washington, Detroit, Chicago, Minneapolis, and Seattle. Or I could stick with something a little more western with a loop that went from Las Vegas to Phoenix to San Diego, LA, San Francisco, Portland, and Seattle (eliminate one, I think). I'm tending more toward one of the latter two. I want to choose cities with which I'm reasonably familiar. I've mythologized Indiana quite enough, and besides my real knowledge of that state is thirty years past.

I like including Las Vegas, because I'm thinking of including a scene with a detectives' convention there. It's hard to get a detective license in Vegas, though, so I'm thinking that he shouldn't actually live there. Does he begin and end in the same place? I think so. Also, the idea that he's following a trail is good, but I want him to return to his home after nearly every adventure. He has to keep in touch with Maizie and Mrs. Prior, after all.

Well, that's just a bit of musing for now.


xjenavivex said...

i like the opening in seattle. where are you leaning towards for his home city?

jason said...

Well, wherever he lives, it has to be plausible, wherever she lives, for Brenda to hire him. If she lives in Atlanta, and he lives in Seattle (just to pick two random places), how the heck would she ever end up hiring him?

So, perhaps the thing to do is to figure out more about Brenda, and let that guide your decision about where Dag lives.

On the other hand, if she does live far away from him, then that adds another mystery--how and why she settled on Dag--for the reader to ponder and for you to reveal. Either way works, so long as, you know, you make it work...

Wayzgoose said...

I definitely thought it was Seattle-based when I conceived of it because it is so easy to develop settings when you live there. My doubts have arisen over whether it should begin one place and lead to a variety of locations on the way to the foot-on-a-telephone-wire climax, or if said wire is outside his own office window. I have a lot of sketching the action before I get to the point that I know where he lands and where he begins.