23 May 2006

Section 3: My mid-life crisis began the day I realized 33 was exactly half-way through my life expectancy.

Of course, Dag has to say that his life expectancy as an accountant should have been much longer since he’d already survived Viet Nam and was in a low-risk business. But today it was looking like he’d over-estimated.

This time, it is a tour boat on the river and the Chicago police that intervene to rescue him. He’s taken to the hospital and resuscitated. But during the exam in the hospital they discover that he has a heart anomaly that he should have looked at when he gets back home. He files the information away to follow up on when he gets back to Seattle without much further thought. The trail he is on now leads him to Minneapolis. Here he discovers some bizaare link to the theatre industry that takes him backstage at a play he finds has been backed by the missing husband.

The play is a murder mystery, and while investigating the play and the investment in it, the husband turns up dead. Now there is a body. He can close the case. The widow/client comes to Minneapolis to claim the body and Dag figures he is about to close the case, but she springs the real news on him. Her husband left with $1.5 million in negotiable bonds. She was not just interested in finding him, but in getting her money back. She wants Dag to continue the investigation.

Dag makes what he believes is an important discovery chasing a suspect up the witch’s hat tower. When he gets to the top, he finds no one there and no trace of the suspect. He is winded, though and his heart is thumping dramatically. He is about to go back down the tower when he realizes he is having a heart-attack and keels over at the top of the tower. End Section 3.