10 May 2006

Some possible titles to work with

“Confederate Bonds”
“Securities & Exchange”
“Silver Threads”
“Stocks & Blondes”

Well, you can see these all have something to do with money or securities of some sort. I have the vague notion that the storyline goes that a woman approaches the detective to find her missing husband. The husband turns up dead, but what it really turns out she wanted to find was the valuable property that he took with him when he left. The property is something that is not that common to have but that you could feasibly have enough of to make someone kill you for them, blackmail them out of you, or just plain steal them. Also something that you might keep in a personal safe at home (if you were wealthy) rather than trust a bank or broker with.

I have a vague notion that the MC’s name might be Dagget Hamilton, ostensibly named after UN Secretary General Dag Hammarskjold. Dag wasn’t elected to the UN position until 1953, though, so maybe I just shove my obsession with historical detail accuracy into a dark corner and use it anyway, or maybe not. I have to figure out if there are any other connotations to the name Daggett. We’ll see.


jason said...

Of those four options, honestly, I like option number 5: "Security and Exchange". I like the double-meaning on "security" in the context of an exchange, implying that the novel relates to a situation where a tradeoff is being made between personal or emotional security and some type of financial vehicle. Another take on the "money can't buy happiness" meme, if you will.

2nd, I guess I'd choose "stocks and blondes". "Confederate bonds" makes me think the book is going to be a period piece, set in/around the civil war, which doesn't really grab my interest much. And "silver threads," well, that sounds more like you're talking about the kind of clothes that people from The Future always wear in crappy sci-fi movies.