08 May 2006

Maybe a detective story???

With NaNoWriMo just five months away, I'm already figeting about what to write. I'm thinking maybe I could try a detective story, sprinkled liberally with slightly absurd humor. I'm not sure what the crime is, but basically we work backwards through the detective's life of oddball experiences as he finds himself in various precarious predicaments. Ultimately, it's something he learned in kindergarten or some such that enables him to crack the case. I don't have a title for this yet. In fact, what I have is a first line that I thought of a while back and which came back to me after I watched Cirque du Soleil's Varekai show last Friday. So here's the first line:

"I was fifty-five when I decided I wanted to be an acrobat." In each decade there will be another opening sentence as we work backward through his life to the time when he was four. So, in six parts, and in six situations that remind him of a particular event in his life, he unravels more and more of the mystery. I'm trying to come up with the life events that he remembers, get him a name, a series of dangerous situations that spark the memory, and, of course, a mystery for him to solve. Then I'll have to decide on a setting for the story. I've worked in Indiana for my past two NaNoWriMo novels because that is where my memories are strongest. But maybe I'll branch out and create a story in a different city, or maybe he travels to six different locations as he's reliving his past experiences. Hmmm.

I like this for a concept. Now I just have to get a storyline.