29 May 2006

Daggisms Again

Here are a few stray thoughts from Dag.
"Mother taught me to always take my hat off when a lady gets on an elevator with me. You never know if you might be standing next to your future wife--or mother-in-law."

"Dad had his share of instructions, too. Always carry a clean handkerchief. Your date may need it."

"Why is it that after living with them for so many years, those are the only two things they said that I remember?"

I'm thinking of some other stuff about Security & Exchange that may help to move some of my character sketches and the general storyline forward. I'll post them later.


Dreamweaver15 (Amber) said...

Found my way here through the 2006NaNo Comm on LJ. I've been entertained so far and you haven't even written the story yet. I can't wait to read it. You will let us read it, right?

Wayzgoose said...

I've put you on my friends list. I'll keep posting and yes, at the moment I expect to post the story each day as it is written. I will release the site name as soon as I've got it set up.