06 July 2006

Friday, November 13: In the Drink

In Chicago, Dag decides the direct approach is the best. He goes to the offices of the I/E business and manages to get in to see the “boss”. He says that Simon is missing and he’s been hired to find him. Since records show frequent trips to Chicago on his expense reports, he wants to check to see if they have seen him.

There is the usual back and forth about minding one’s own business and working on computers and what can and can’t be trusted. Dag asks questions about the business that are avoided. At some point during the interview, he pulls out his computer to look up some information. The boss fixes on the computer and suddenly wants to know all about it. Dag lets him believe that it has data on it that he is using to hunt for Simon.

In his hotel room, Dag puzzles out more of the pieces, but Simon’s trips to Chicago aren’t on any of the credit cards that he normally uses. So Dag starts hunting for other credit cards and finds them behind a fuzzed file. Proud of himself, he heads out to go to dinner. On the way over the Chicago River he is mugged. A man grabs his computer bag and shoves him in the river.