10 July 2006

Friday, November 20: Guardian Angel

Riley returns to the hospital and tells Dag that she has checked him out of the Hilton and that they have tickets back to Seattle that afternoon. Dag’s doctor wants to see him the minute he gets back to town.

Dag tries to tell her that he can’t go without trying to talk to Angel and Riley just tells him that she has also checked out and is gone. The doctor comes in and tells Dag that he’s releasing him into the care of his private nurse (glancing at Riley) and that if it were not for the agreement of his doctor in Seattle, he’d ship him down to the Mao Clinic for tests and possible transplant procedures. Dag says he’d much rather be home, but he is very slow getting up from bed. Riley helps dress him and they leave for the airport.

When they board the plane, Dag expects Riley to sit next to him, but she sits across the aisle. Then Angel boards the plane and sits next to Dag, much to his amazement. They have the trip back to Seattle to talk to each other and she tells Dag her theory that Smiesen caught up with Simon. When Dag asks her for the evidence, saying that he saw Angel with Simon heading for the witch’s hat. Angel says Simon sent her to a coffee shop while he finished some business before they left. She started to feel uncomfortable after about twenty minutes and went back to the tower. She didn’t know Simon had fallen from the tower, but went up the stairs. She found Dag passed out on the stairs and called 911. When they got there, they found Simon.

Dag suspects that Angel may have had something to do with the death of Simon and suggests that she got what she wanted from Simon and pushed him to his death. Dag reaches across to Angel’s neck and pulls Simon’s thumb drive out of her cleavage. Angel says Simon gave it to her because he was afraid that if anyone got hold of him they’d kill him for the drive, but she doesn’t really know what’s on it. To prove she’s okay, she gives Dag the drive.

Dag want’s to do some work on it right away, but when they land in Seattle, Riley is true to her word and takes him to Swedish Hospital to be checked out by his doctor. The doctor reluctantly lets Dag return home instead of admitting him, but warns him that he needs to lay low and that he needs to be on best behavior for the next available heart. On the way out of the hospital, Dag sees the kid who, when he didn’t show up for group was sure Dag had died and they wouldn’t tell her. He reassures her and goes home.

End Chapter Twenty