06 July 2006

Thursday, November 12: Windy City

Dag has his weekly appointment with the doctor who is not happy to have him traveling. Dag talks to the kid as he is waiting in the clinic and tells her he’ll bring her something from Chicago. Perhaps there is a little flirting going on with the mother.

Then Dag heads for the airport. On the way, he calls the FBI agent and tells him that he thinks he has a lead and is headed for Chicago. Agent says to be careful. The import/export company is a front for the mob. In the plane Dag begins to theorize about the case and what he is going to find. What are the facts and what is still to determine. I think he does some work on the computer while he is airborne.

As Dag puts things together he begins to see a second set of anomalies in his examination of the books. First he is convinced that Simon and Brad have jointly been embezzling money from the I/E business. Then, he realizes that Simon has cut Brad out of a major portion of it, and that a series of numbered accounts in Switzerland contain a lot of money. How much, Dag is not sure because he cannot yet access the passwords for those accounts. In Chicago he checks into a hotel downtown. (Any Chicago jazz tonight? Quite possibly.)