06 July 2006

Wednesday, November 11: Partners in Crime

Simon’s partner’s name is now Brad Keane. Dag decides that he has to confront Brad with the information that he has found regarding their import/export client. He suggests that a close audit of the books would reveal some irregularities in their accounting. Brad is incensed. He rants about how he can’t believe that Simon would cook the books on their biggest client. He turns suddenly wary of Dag. Brad starts to ask how he found out about the client and if that were all on the laptop. Dag dissembles a bit, but leaves Brad believing that Simon had a personal set of books on the laptop. He asks if Dag has unlocked the laptop, but Dag says there was no unlocking with a password. He has merely accessed the files through a remote boot.

Dag leaves his interview with Brad suspicious of the whole affair. Brad wants Simon brought back to face the music. He suggests to Dag that Simon may have gone to Chicago, since that is where their client is located. Dag takes the comment into consideration, and now that he has something to go on, he checks the records again and decides that he needs to make a trip to Chicago. He makes a flight reservation for after his doctor appointment on Thursday.