03 July 2006

November 3: Safe-cracking

Dag opens by talking about what he can do with a computer and we find out that his own network is secured behind a physical as well as software firewall. He begins by enslaving the laptop hard drive and copying the entire disk in a mirror image on another hard drive. Then he puts the original in safe-keeping with his own network equipment. Then Dag starts dissecting the hard drive, first by circumventing the password and simply examining the contents. In doing this, he discovers there are encrypted files, but a lot of the disk is open to his perusal. He starts by looking up internet history, which gives him travel files and dates.

In looking at the travel dates, Dag discovers that Simon has often traveled with a companion. He starts digging up information on where Simon has gone and where he might be planning to go.

Riley comes in with a report on Brenda and Simon. Simon is low-profile, but known to be a rich businessman in some import/export business. He has a partner (yet unnamed) who is equally affluent, but because he is single is less ostentatious. Brenda, on the other hand, is a member of several arts boards, civic organizations, and even a political caucus. She seems to crave any position that will give her status. Dag sums it up by saying, “That sounds about right.” Riley leaves thinking she will do a little more research.